Funeral Service – Celebration of Life

Funeral Planning

Jan Littlejohn has broadened her work as a Celebrant to encompass not only writing and conducting funeral ceremonies but arranging funerals as well.

Having recently trained in this new capacity, Jan is excited to bring her skills as a celebrant into a deeper assistance for families who have lost someone close. Creating a funeral service to honour the life of a loved-one requires empathy and the experience of a good listener who can interpret the thoughts and ideas of a grieving family with sensitivity and compassion.

Part of this desire to assist families at such a difficult time in their lives is the strong feelings that she has about choice regarding the ceremony and the importance of a funeral that accurately depicts and celebrates the person’s life, so it can assist in creating a healthy grieving process.

The more involvement members of the family have in the creation of the service, the deeper connection they feel to a ceremony that proudly does justice to and is an authentic depiction of the person who has died.

Funerals can be any shape or size, location is often pivotal, and giving families the time and space to make unrushed decisions is vital.

Jan feels it is important to let people know that a funeral is not something to be frightened of  and healthy discussion with family and friends about those elements that are important to their send- off, is a wonderful gift to leave those who are left behind.

It gives the family confidence to have command over all aspects of the funeral process including the creation of the ceremony, knowing that they are accurately representing their loved one.

To help her, Jan has the support and resources of Picaluna Funerals. Their ethos is to help families create a better way to say goodbye. Picaluna is a network of celebrants and professional planners offering creative choices with open and transparent pricing.

Jan and Picaluna Funerals team up with service providers such as florists, stationery providers, coffin suppliers, cemeteries and crematorium to tailor everything to suit the family’s needs.

And 10% of the profits are donated to a charity or cause nominated by the family.

Should you have any questions or wish to discuss this further, please feel free to contact Jan and if in the future someone close to you loses a loved-one and if you are comfortable in doing-so, please feel free to pass on Jan’s contact details.