Pet Funerals

Our Pets Deserve a Loving Farewell Too

Those of us that have experienced the unconditional love and companionship of a beloved pet also know the heartbreak that comes with their loss.

It’s something which will affect most of us at some time, and often when it happens it takes us completely by surprise.

Our pets are as much a part of the family as anyone, and bring us the same laughter, and comfort as our partners and our children. They teach us many lessons and are an excellent discipline for our young children.

The love and joy that our pets provide is priceless. The pain and sadness we feel when a pet dies is overwhelming.

Most of us are well aware of the stress caused by the loss of a treasured furry friend.  After the loss of a pet many owners can be overwhelmed with a feeling of sadness and loneliness. Indeed some people need a genuine shoulder to cry on.

Owners have a strong emotional and social relationship with a pet, and the death of an animal can elicit strong feelings that often parallel the grief from the loss of a human companion.  Up to 75% of owners experience difficulties of disruptions in their lives after their pets die.

The grieving process is just the same as for humans with a mix of feelings starting with shock and denial, and moving on to emotional pain and eventual acceptance.

Children’s tears, loneliness at the loss of our companion, and family heartache consume us. Whether the animal was our sole companion or a member of our family, we grieve deeply at their loss.  Today more than ever, we look for a way to acknowledge our respect and appreciation of the love and entertainment that they have brought to the home and to family and friends.

Today you can say goodbye to your loving companion by hiring a celebrant to provide an appropriate service for your pet’s final farewell. Funeral services for our pets give us a sense of peace and help keep our beloved friend forever in our hearts.

Jan Littlejohn of Ceremonies With Style is a pet lover and the compassion she shares will bring comfort at this difficult time. Jan is one of the most respected celebrants in Australia.

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