Overseas Couples

Can Overseas Visitors get married in Australia?

Yes. If you get married in Australia you have the same legal rights, and responsibilities, as if you were married outside Australia. This applies to persons born in either Australia or another country.

New South Wales has many beautiful areas to be married. From the white sandy beaches, the stunning botanical gardens to the beautiful world renowned wine districts, the choice is yours.

You may wish to elope or bring close friends and family with you and combine your wedding with a wonderful holiday/honeymoon.
Fiance Visa Plan

If you or your fiancee are applying for entry into Australia under the prospective marriage (fiancee) plan I am able to supply you with a letter suitable for presentation to the Consulate, together with a copy of the Notice of Intended Marriage.

Consult your Migration Agent or The Australian Department of Immigration for any further details.

For couples who are overseas prior to the wedding, all the arrangements can be completed by telephone, e-mail or by post.

Contact Jan via email for further information regarding the legal requirements (see contact page)

Couples have described their wedding ceremonies as relaxed, meaningful, personal and with style. Inclusive of family and friends, one with lasting memories