Legal Info

Before your Wedding you will need to complete a Notice of Intended Marriage Form (NIM) at least one month and one day prior to your Wedding (I would suggest earlier rather than later to secure your date and time).

It can also be lodged with me up to 18 months in advance of the Wedding (a Booking Fee is required at this stage ~ the balance of your Fee is due approximately two weeks prior to your wedding date when you will also sign a declaration stating that there is no legal impediment to your marriage).

The documents you need to supply are:

If you were born in Australia you will need to produce an original copy of your birth certificate. This can be obtained at the Registry Office of your state of birth.

If you were born overseas you will need your birth certificate or a current passport. If these documents are in a language other than English, you will need a certified translation of the documents.

If you are widowed you will also need the death certificate which can be obtained from the State Registry in the state where the death was registered.

If either partner was previously divorced, a copy of the decree absolute can be obtained from the Family Law Court in the state where the marriage was dissolved. (please note – this only applies to marriages dissolved after 1975).

For marriages dissolved before 1975, a copy of the decree absolute can be obtained from the Supreme Court in the state where the marriage was dissolved.

Any documents in a foreign language must be translated into English and a Translation Certificate supplied.


You are required to have two witnesses who are both over the age of 18 present to sign the Marriage Register and Certificates.

State Registry Offices

(for all birth, death and marriage certificates).

GPO Box 30, Sydney NSW 2001

GPO Box 788
Canberra ACT 2601
Ph: 02 6207 6444

PO Box 188 Albert Street, Brisbane QLD 4002
Ph: 07 3247 9203

PO Box 4332, Melbourne VIC 3001
Ph: 1300 369 367

South Australia
GPO Box 1351, Adelaide SA 5001
Ph: 08 8204 9599

Western Australia
PO Box 7720, Cloisters Square WA 6850
Ph: 08 264 1555

Northern Territory
PO Box 3021 NT
Ph: 08 8999 6119