How much does it cost to hire a wedding celebrant?

Your wedding celebrant does a lot more than just marrying you. They stay with you throughout the process and help you plan your dream wedding.

How much do wedding celebrants cost?

Depending on the type of wedding you want, the prices can range from $350 to even more than $1,200.

The first thing you should decide on before hiring a celebrant is how much involvement you need from them. If you need a celebrant to only officiate the wedding, the charges may be less. But if you want more help with organising the wedding, the charges can be more.

Some people who do not hire wedding planners can get help from celebrants to get good suppliers to organise the wedding.

Once you’ve decided on your expectations from the celebrants, you can set up a budget and check with the celebrants that fit your budget.

What does the fees of a wedding celebrant include?

The quotation provided by the wedding celebrant to you is made considering a lot of factors.

Some of the factors that play a major role in forming a wedding celebrant’s fees are:

The type of wedding ceremony you want

One of the major responsibilities of a celebrant is to officiate the ceremony.

There are different types of ceremonies. Whether you want a civil ceremony or a religious ceremony, your celebrant works closely with you to personalise it as per your taste.

The celebrant can also help you find suppliers for organising the wedding. Since the celebrants usually have good experience and have helped with a lot of weddings, they have a wide network and can find the best suppliers for your needs. This can be particularly useful if you’re not planning to hire a wedding planner to organise the wedding.

Some celebrants do have flexible packages and there is room for negotiation. If you already have decided on a wedding planner, then you can cut down on the help you need from the celebrant and maybe get a negotiated price.


The location of the venue also plays a role in deciding the celebrant’s fee. A celebrant will not just show up for the wedding to officiate the ceremony. The celebrant needs to be at the venue even before you arrive and might have to visit the venue a few times to check if everything is going as planned.
The travel expenses are covered in the fees of the wedding celebrant. Depending on how near or far the location is, the charges can vary.


Some wedding celebrants charge by the hour, while others may give you a package deal. This is something you should have clarity on before hiring the celebrant. If you’re planning on having a long ceremony, it might be a better idea to choose someone who can offer you a package deal.
Before hiring the celebrant, you can discuss the duration of the ceremony with them and how the charges may get affected if there is any delay or prolonging of the ceremony.

While it can be budget friendly to have the wedding celebrant present only for the ceremony. It is also important to know the ways in which they can help you. You can actually hire a wedding celebrant to help you with the organising and save the expenses on a wedding planner.

A wedding celebrant can help you with:

  • Writing the ceremony
  • Preparing the vows
  • Planning and finding suppliers
  • The involved paperwork and legal work

While budget is an important factor to be considered when deciding on a wedding celebrant, it should not be the only factor. Wedding celebrants have a lot to offer.

Find a professional wedding celebrant to make your special day even more memorable.

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