What does a wedding celebrant do?

A lot of questions arise when you’re planning to get married. One of the most common questions is “What does the wedding celebrant do?”

Well, keep reading to get clarity about the job of a wedding celebrant at your wedding.

So, what does the wedding celebrant do?

A wedding celebrant does not just wed the couple but also takes care of a lot of background work.

The celebrant will start by having a meeting with you, getting to know you and how you wish to have your wedding.

Meeting with the celebrant

This is usually held before you hire the celebrant. The celebrant will talk to you and understand what you want the wedding to be like.

This is where the celebrant will also put forward his/her own ideas to help you decide if this is the right person for you.

Roles and responsibilities of the celebrant

Writing the ceremony

After you’ve hired the celebrant, they’ll work with you to write your wedding ceremony. They might also discuss any experiences they have had with other weddings to give you more ideas.

The ceremony is written from scratch, personalized for you.

Helping with the vows

A lot of people get stuck while trying to find the perfect words for the vows. The celebrant can discuss your vows with you and make sure that both the vows have similar tones and length.

Personalizing the ceremony

Your wedding celebrant makes sure that the wedding ceremony is personalised to your style. Whether you want something traditional or something out of the ordinary, they help you with everything.

If you’re confused or looking for more ideas, your wedding celebrant will also make suggestions that you might like.

Providing support with planning and organizing

If you are getting married without the help of a wedding planner, your wedding celebrant can provide a lot of help. They can be the suppliers and will stay with you at every step of the wedding process. They are experienced and have helped in organizing a lot of weddings. So they know the best supplies to get all the things you need for your dream wedding.

Helping on the wedding day

Wedding celebrants are basically the hosts or your ceremony MC. They help with getting the guests inside to fill the chairs, making announcements and letting everyone know the schedule and plan for the day. And of course, your wedding celebrant will get you married!

Helping with the paperwork

Your celebrant will make sure that all the required paperwork is ready for the wedding day. Be it the ceremony reading, personalized reading and even your vows, they will have a copy of all these in case you misplace them somewhere.

They also make sure that the legal forms that you and your witnesses need to sign are ready.

It means that they take care that your identification and form required for the marriage license are prepared. They make sure that the witnesses’ can hear when you say your “I do’s” and their correct details are mentioned.

After the wedding

The wedding celebrant’s job does not get over on the wedding day. After the wedding, they make sure that your marriage certificate is valid. They submit all the legal forms required to make sure the marriage is recognized.

In some states, the marriage celebrants can also apply for actual wedding certificates from birth, deaths and marriages. If this can be done in the state you stay in, the wedding celebrant will let you know and take care of all of the legal work for you.

Your celebrant will stay with you throughout the process, from the day you start planning the wedding till after the wedding. This makes a celebrant pretty much an important person at a wedding.

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