Purpose of a Naming Ceremony

A baby naming ceremony is held to celebrate a new baby’s arrival and naming. In Sydney and other areas of Australia, the naming ceremony is often held at around the same time as the baby’s first birthday party.

A naming ceremony is not a legal ceremony and is not usually religious. It is performed by celebrants in Sydney. It is a ceremony of love and gratitude for the new addition to your family and celebrates the miracle of life, birth, love, and cherished.

What Happens at a Naming Ceremony?

Naming ceremonies are usually in the form of a party, with a cake, refreshments, music, decorations, and themes. Sydney celebrants, or celebrants in your local area, perform an official naming service for your baby. The service is usually fun, cute, and creative.

Rituals at Baby Naming Ceremonies

Creative rituals are often performed. Rituals are only limited by your imagination and can include lighting a candle, reciting a poem, telling stories about your baby and their life so far, paintings, great photograph displays, and much more.

Guests may write their wishes for the child on cards for the child to read when they get older.

Your Sydney Celebrants

As your naming ceremony celebrant in Sydney Jan performs a celebratory service where she talks lovingly of your baby’s new life and their coming into the world. Parents can have as much or as little input into the celebrant’s speech as they wish.

Often grandparents are involved in the ceremony, and close friends or family members may be named life guardians at this special occasion.

A naming ceremony is done by naming ceremony celebrants in Sydney, and can often be the same celebrant who married you. As a celebrant, Jan is personable, fun, bubbly and friendly. She has a great sense of humour and delights in performing ceremonies for all occasions.

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