5 Do’s and Dont’s of Eloping

There has been a recent increase in couple’s deciding to elope rather than having a big public celebration. There are many different reasons for shunning big wedding ceremonies and eloping to tie the knot!

You may love to travel, you may not like a lot of fuss, or you may not want the stress or expense of planning a wedding.

Whatever your reason for choosing to elope, when planning your special day there are some do’s and don’t to consider:

Do Exactly as you would like to do

Enjoy the moment. It passes very quickly. Choose a venue that you love. Wear whatever makes you happy. Your ceremony can be just you two, a wedding celebrant and two witnesses or a small group of friends and family. There are many elopement packages available.

Do Plan a Celebration for When You Get Home

Having a dinner, barbeque or even some drinks and nibbles at home with a select few is a nice idea. It will make your friends and family feel included. Have any photographs / video / slideshows on hand.

Do Book in Advance

In Australia you need to complete a Notice of Intended Marriage Form at least one month and one day before your ceremony. You will also need to book your wedding celebrant and or elopement package with as much notice as possible to ensure that you can book your ideal date.

Don’t Limit the Costs If You Don’t Want To

When you elope you will generally save a bundle compared to the cost of large wedding packages. So if you want to stay in nice accommodation for the night, or spend a little on a honeymoon go ahead! It is your day and it can be as simple or as extravagant as you like.

Don’t feel guilty

This is your day! Remember the reason that you decided to elope in the first place! If friends or family are upset with your decision to elope try to understand that it is usually because they just wanted to share your special day with you.  They will understand.

When you take these tips into consideration “You Will” enjoy your day and have the perfect elopement!

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