Why More and More Couples Prefer an Elopement Ceremony

Elopement Ceremonies in New South Wales, and across Australia have become widely popular for a variety of reasons. Having a small gathering has the same legal ramifications as a large formal wedding, and the love and commitment that you extend to each other on your day is still just as romantic and memorable.

The Ceremony is Beautiful and Meaningful

An elopement ceremony is performed with the same love, caring, and commitment as any ceremony informal or formal wedding whether there are 4 people or 400. The vows are just as meaningful and memorable, and the length of the ceremony is the same as that ofa ceremony performed at a larger wedding. By law there are words that must be included in your service no matter the size of the celebration

You Have a Smaller and More Intimate Gathering

Perhaps you are a little shy, do not want a fuss, or simply prefer the intimacy of a small gathering, an elopement wedding ceremony can be the preferable option for some couples. It allows you to express your love publicly in a personal and special way, with just your closest friends and family present

The Commitment Level is Just as High as in a Traditional Wedding

Whatever the reason,I will organise a memorable service that you will treasure forever. The level of commitment that you make on that day, and the beauty of the service is just as meaningful as that made at a large traditional wedding.

For more information on elopement ceremonies or traditional weddings, contact Ceremonies with Style, your renowned and friendly Marriage Celebrant in Sydney.

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