Planning a Luxury Elopement – Do’s and Don’ts of Inviting Guests to Your Elopement Ceremony

Above all, when planning your elopement wedding ceremony within Sydney, New South Wales or any other area, remember that it is your day! You have chosen a luxury elopement and will be very happy and excited about your wedding plans, however, it can be easy to be sidetracked from your original plan when you organise your guest list!

When planning a luxury elopement that are some Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind concerning guests:

DO keep the list small and invite just 4-8 people – keeping your function private. An elopement is designed to be small and intimate. Sometimes it canoffend those who were not invited more if you keep the numbers small.

DO Ask for discretion from your guests – Ensure that your wedding is kept a secret to avoid calls from uninvited friends!

DON’T feel obligated to invite people. You have your own reasons for eloping and for keeping the ceremony small. Invite only those that you wish to invite. Your family and friends will understand. They love you and want to see you happy.

DON’T check with guests for their preferences – elopement is supposed to be everything the couple wants! Always keep in mind that this is your day and your way to suit yourselves. Your guests will be happy to share the day with you and pleased that they were invited to your intimate ceremony.

Of all the marriage ceremonies performed by Sydney celebrants, intimate ceremonies are becoming more and more popular. Organising your elopement ceremony with a friendly and fun celebrant is a terrific start to your new life together.Contact Ceremonies with Style, your Wedding Celebrant Sydney and New South Wales for a chat about how we can together create your perfect day.

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