Caring For Your Wedding Rings

The Cold Water Soak

– Fill a cup with a half/half solution of cold water and household ammonia
– Soak for 30 minutes
– Lift our and gently brush the back and front of the setting with an old soft brittle toothbrush
– Dip in the solution once more – drain on tissue paper

The Detergent Bath

– Mix some warm water with a small squirt of household mild liquid detergent
– Brush the pieces with an old soft bristle toothbrush while they are still in the mixture
– Transfer to a wire tea strainer and rinse under warm running water
– Gently dry off with a lint free soft cloth

The Quick-Dip Method

– Purchase one of the special liquid jewellery cleaners available
– They generally come with a cleaning brush
– Make sure you buy the one suitable for the type of jewellery you wish to clean, and read the instructions carefully

See Your Jeweller

– Jewellers may offer either a free or small-fee ultrasonic cleaning service
– Before your wedding take you engagement ring back to where you purchased it, to have it cleaned
– While it is there, the jeweler can check that all your settings are secure.

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