Prenuptial Agreements

As you are in the second phase of life, you never thought you would fall in love. But, as life brings sweet surprises you have finally found Mr. Wonderful. Because of career choices and other priorities and circumstances, you are getting married now, later in life.

To the bride and groom, marriage is a loving contract between two people who want to spend the rest of their lives together, but in the eyes of the law, marriage is a contract between two people which is not about love but about a variety of financial rights and obligations.

You should not look at a prenuptial agreement as a lack of faith in the relationship but as protection against unforeseen circumstances.

Think of it as an ‘insurance policy’ covering the legal issues of your marriage contract that you get to write yourself.  If it is difficult to talk about your loving, committed relationship as if it were a business arrangement, consulting with a legal, professional advisor will make it easier.