The Bridal Gown

Tips for choosing your wedding dress:

When deciding upon a style of gown take into consideration what season your wedding will be held, the time of day your ceremony starts. Is the reception indoors or out? Is your wedding style traditional, formal, informal or themed?

Try not to fall in love with a style, rather choose a gown style that suits you. Remember not all gown styles suit all body shapes.

You may like to try on many different styles to get a good idea of what styles of gowns suit you and what styles to avoid.

Once you have chosen a gown, consider having a day or two to think about your decision. Once purchased there is generally no going back.

Make appointments so the bridal boutique staff can give you the personal assistance you require.

Perhaps take a camera along with you. It’s easy to fall in love with every dress you try on. View your pictures for a couple of days it will become clear which dress becomes your favorite.

Take with you one or two faithful friends or your mum and sister/s for their honest opinion.

It’s a good idea to take with you a strapless bra and shoes with the same hell height as the ones you will be wearing on the day

If your bridal hairstyle is an updo, wear it up when you go shopping you can then try on different headwear and veils to give you and idea of your total bridal look.

Most importantly, enjoy yourself shopping for your wedding gown should be great fun and is usually only done once in a lifetime. Allow yourself plenty of time so you don’t feel pressured into making a decision.

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