The Bridal Shower

Celebrate with Close Friends and Family Your Upcoming Marriage

By Jan Littlejohn

Traditionally the bridal shower was held to provide the bride-to-be with gifts to help her set up her new home. These days the majority of couples have already set up home and therefore the bridal shower is a great opportunity for family and friends to show their support for the next chapter in her life.

The Main/Matron-of-Honour traditionally hosts the bridal shower. She should consult the bride when compiling the invitation list, however generally you invite female family members of the bride and groom mothers, grandmothers, aunts, cousins etc. She should also invite close female friends of the bride and the bride’s family.


Tupperware is a must have for every kitchen, and if your bride is just starting out, this can be an excellent way to get her kitchen and pantry off to a flying start. Tupperware parties offer their hosts discounts and bonus gifts when your party has purchased items to a certain value. Coordinate this with your Tupperware Representative as they can suggest many themes for your party.


These party’s are great fun. What an excellent way to get lovely new lingerie for your wedding night and honeymoon. There are many companies in town that offer lingerie party plans. They sell all sorts of items from teddy’s to battery operated toys. Maybe not quite the part that grandma or your great aunt would appreciate.


Keeping up with you home linen requirements is ongoing. Get off to a great start by having a linen party. Choose a colour scheme and request your guests to purchase all sorts of linen in your chosen colours.


Is your bride a bit of a green thumb? An outdoor garden party might be just the thing.  Encourage guests to purchase gifts for the garden. For small thankyou gifts you could give each of your guests a small packet of seeds which they could plant in the bride and grooms honour.


– Consider you brides interests & hobbies when deciding on your bridal shower party theme
– The maid of honour should record any gifts given to the bride to assist her later when it comes time to write the thankyou.
– Keep the guest list relatively small. The bridal shower should be an intimate affair
– Try to keep the bride from having no planning to do, as this day/night should be in her honour.

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