The Bridal Veil – Tips For Wearing a Veil

– Keep diamantes and other fine details on your veil to a minimum. They may show up in your photos like black dots

– Complement a heavily beaded gown with a plan sheer tulle veil

– Don’t go for heavy detail in your dress and veil

– Don’t wear a long and multi-layered veil if you’re petite. The veil will overpower you and your gown. Try to keep it in proportion.

– Your veil doesn’t have to be exactly the same colour as your dress, just don’t mix start white with ivory colours

Types of Veils

The short part of the veil that is pulled down over the face until it is lifted back over the head during the ceremony.

A veil length that’s falls somewhere around your ankles

A formal veil that extends on the floor. Complements a formal style gown with a train

The cathedral train is the most formal veil style. May have multiple layers. Most appropriately worn with a cathedral train in a very formal setting

The elbow length veil is most appropriate for an informal setting. It finishes at or near the elbow

A long veil that reaches the fingertips. Single or double layered

A multi-layered veil that just brushes the shoulders. Appropriate for an ankle length gown. Suits more informal styles.