Themed Weddings – Where Do I Start?

By Jen Carter

Choosing your wedding decorations, colors, flowers, and your wedding location can be simplified by selecting a wedding theme. We propose this idea, because, your themed wedding can easily be based on color, decorations, invitations, people, places, feelings, and anything else you can put your mind to!

A couple can easily decide a wedding theme once they write a list of their common likes and pet peeves. Immediately eliminate the ideas that are on the pet peeve A list. The likes should reflect things that you and your spouse-to-be have in common. It shouldn’t reflect the opinions of friends and family.

By likes, of course we mean fictional characters from books and/or television, musicians, exotics places, animals, flowers, heritage, or even a specific area of time. Once you’ve selected something fun that you both enjoy, you can build your theme around it. For instance, if you choose a ‘Fabulous 50’s Wedding,’ you may want to rent a pink Cadillac instead of a limousine! And of course, you’ll want 50’s music, fountain soda, and maybe even a server on roller-skates!

Colors and decorations can really help bring out the theme of your wedding. A beach theme works with the color blue and sand. Toss beach balls around while everyone is dancing, and don’t forget the limbo stick!

As you can see, themed weddings require imagination. It’s not something that you should stress yourself out over, it’s meant to be fun. Get creative and have fun exploring different ways to bring the best of your theme out. One of the best places to research information having to do with the specific theme you may have chosen-is the internet. You’re getting married at a time where all of this information is right at the tips of your fingers! Take advantage of it.

Something that’s very important to note: When you’re selecting vendors for your wedding, be sure to tell them that it’s a themed party so that they can arrive in appropriate attire. If your theme requires special services from your vendors, be sure to request these services in advance. Be understanding and patient with any vendor that may not be able to perform a certain function related to your theme. Sometimes specific services can not be rendered or a location may not allow this specific action to take place. Instead, make another suggestion and toy around with a different idea.

The food you choose is also a very important aspect of your theme wedding. Make sure that your food coincides with the ‘tone’ of the theme. After all, you want your guests to feel compelled to talk positively about YOUR wedding for years to come.

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