Wedding Bouquet Styles and Shapes

Posy Bouquet

The posy bouquet can be formal semi formal or informally designed. This type of bouquet is relatively small and round in shape with smaller flowers that are either wired or tied tightly together by their stems, looks great with ribbon to match your wedding dress.

Strauss Wedding Bouquet

This is natural stem bouquet similar to the posy bouquet however it is usually larger. The flowers are arranged in a looser manner with the stems longer creating an informal look.

Trailing Wedding Bouquet

The trailing bouquet is not rounded at the top like the posy bouquet it is usually a fairly narrow bouquet from the top to the bottom of the trail. In saying that the trail may be wider narrow, however is usually similar in width from the top down to the bottom. Can be semi-formal to formal depending on the type of flowers you choose.

Teardrop Wedding Bouquet

A traditional and formal style of bouquet that consists of a structured posy top The trail is very side and just like the name suggests becomes a point at the bottom of the trail to form the teardrop shape. This can be one of the most expensive bouquets to create as each flower is individually wired to create the desired shape. It is a very stable bouquet style for flowers that need the support.

Cascade Wedding Bouquet

This bouquet is often known as a multiple trail bouquet because it has numerous trails tumbling from the top. It is often very unstructured in appearance.

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