Wedding Gifts and Registries – Wedding Gift Giving Tips

The modern act of gift giving is more structured and less open to chance, through the use of gift registry. Using a registry eliminates the guess work for friends and family when purchasing your gift.

A registry ensures you will not only get what your ask for but its recording service means that you shouldn’t be given more than one of the same item

Make a list of what you would like on your registry and make an appointment at a registry store. Once you’ve registered keep a copy of the mast list at home and as gift start to arrive record the date gift and who it came from to assist you when writing your thank letter.

When selecting your gifts be sure to choose more gifts than there is guests so guest have a large selection to choose from. Also choose items from varying price ranges.

Sometimes couple may choose to marry at far off locations and instead of asking for gifts from their guests they simply ask for them to bare the costs of travelling to their wedding.

For couples who have been together for some times and have just about everything, why not consider hiring a wishing well. You can include a brief note/poem with your invitation to let your guests know there will be a wishing well on your gift table.

Most guests like to offer their gift as soon as they arrive. Having a wishing well looks impressive is instantly recongised and you have peace of mind that your envelops monetary gifts vouchers are secure.

You could ask for gift vouchers in a major department store or shopping centre. This way you can bundle them together to buy larger items.

Another option is cash. Although it has become more popular to give cash, some people are just not comfortable giving money as a gift and therefor it should be left to the gift giver.

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