Why Have a Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony

There are myriad reasons for having a vow renewal ceremony and the way in which you wish to celebrate and commemorate can be designed to reflect your preferences & style.

Below Are Just Some of The Many Reasons For Having a Vow Renewal Ceremony & Celebration:

– Milestone Anniversary – Make a milestone – any year: From One Year to 60 Years.

– A personal milestone

– Simply for sentimental reasons

– You simply want to celebrate your love and have a party

– You never had a real wedding celebration. Perhaps you eloped and had a simple ceremony. Now you want the real deal with all the trimmings.

– The Two of you & your marriage have persevered through tumultuous times and as a result your relationship has grown deeper & more meaningful.

– You’re about to celebrate your first year as a married couple and you want to celebrate. (Some couples have a vow renewal ceremony every anniversary.

– You want a special romantic getaway with just the two of you, a Destination Renewal of Vows.

– You want to publicly renew your wedding vows and proclaim your love.

Include children, grandchildren, your parents, friends & other relatives in your ceremony. Involving children & grandchildren in your ceremony, or, even just having them witnesses such a meaningful ceremony is a wonderful example for them to experience!

From the intimate private vow renewal ceremony/celebration to the grand entrance, walk down the aisle, I can create and officiate a deeply meaningful personalized ceremony for you.