Your Engagement

By Jan Littlejohn

A great way for families to meet at this joyous celebration
The initial excitement of getting engaged may entice you to want to let the whole world know by shouting it from the rooftops. Instead you should probably consider telling those closest to you first to avoid hurting anybody’s feeling.

Announcement Etiquette

If you have any children from a previous marriage they should be the first to know It’s a good idea to already have prepared them for this possibility and therefore it wont be such a huge shock Sometimes this news can be hard for them so make sure you make them feel secure about your love for them and how your new spouse wont change this.

Its traditional that the brides parents are told first followed by the grooms immediately afterwards it is always much nicer to tell them in person however if distance is a problem then over the phone will be fine.

For your close friends a few phone calls will do here unless you want to surprise everyone and tell them all at once.

Decide if you want to mail announcements to your friends and family publish announcement in your local paper or announce it as a surprise at an engagement party.

It would be considered bad or improper etiquette to announce an engagement if a family member from either side is seriously sick or a death in the family has just occurred.

Publish Your Engagement

Check to see if there are any guidelines deadlines fees or regulations about publishing your engagement.

Ask if the accept pictures and whether they can be colour or black and white.
Make sure you put your name on the back and include a self addressed stamped envelope so the photo can be returned to you.

If they don’t give you strict guidelines follow the traditional guidelines. Typically an engagement announcement would include information about the two of you and your parent’s names and the date you became engaged.

The Groom and His Men

If your bride’s gown is a secret as most are, she will need to go shopping with you so that your choice of suit does not clash with her chosen style of gown.

The groom’s accessories enhance your overall look. A coloured tie, handkerchief or waistcoat can change a nice black dress suit into something special.

If buying new shoes make sure you have a chance to wear them in a little beforehand to eliminate the chance of blisters.

If hiring your suits all suits should be tried on by every member of the bridal party to ensure that they’ve all been fitted correctly.

Check all suits are in good condition before leaving the formal wear supplier.
On the morning of the wedding many grooms relax by visiting the beach playing a round of golf or other such sport with their groomsmen. If going outdoors make sure to wear sunscreen.

The groom should not overlook his personal care remember this is your big day too. Pamper yourself a little and experience a shave at the barbers or a hot towel treatment. If getting a hair cut you should do so about a week before to prevent the just cut look.

Groom’s Responsibilities

Make a list of guests from his side of the family and friends
Responsible for purchasing the engagement and weddings rings
Prepare a speech
Choose the wedding transport
Choose his bestman and groomsmen
Is traditionally responsible for organizing the honeymoon
Dance with his bride mum, mum in law and matron honour

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