Creative Ways to Personalize Your Wedding Ceremony

Your wedding day is one of the most special days. Some couples prefer simple and traditional ceremonies while others want everything to be magical.

Whatever your preference is, a little bit of personalization can make your day unforgettable, not just for you but even for your guests.

Ideas to personalize your wedding ceremony

Want to give your wedding ceremony a little extra touch? Here are a few ideas to personalize your wedding ceremony and make it extra special.

Personal favourite processional song

The arrival of the bride is the most magical moment of any wedding. Looking stunningly gorgeous, when she walks down the aisle, the music must be perfect as it creates half of the magic. Instead of going for traditional music, go for a song that is meaningful for you and your spouse. You can walk on your favourite song as a couple or a song that has your best memories. If you’re feeling pretty experimental and want to make a statement, you can even go for groovy music.

Vow them

Saying your own vows can give the ceremony the most special touch. Instead of going traditional, make your vows exciting. Add some special notes, maybe even make a little humorous by adding inside jokes if you like. And after all, whatever your vows say, they’ll be special as you’ve written them yourself.   

Fill the place with magical moments

Fun décor idea! To make the ambience more personalised, hang pictures of you and your spouse around. Alternatively or simultaneously, you can go for little notes that you might have written to each other. Or make a wall or board of summary of your relationship till now to let the guests know how far you’ve come. Give a summary till date as everyone is gathering to witness the beginning of your new journey together.

Personalised confetti

Let your flower girl scatter personalised confetti instead of petals. The confetti can be little cut out pages from your favourite books, lyrics to your favourite songs or anything that’s meaningful to the both of you. You can even add a little sparkle or colour to make the moment even more magical. Avoid adding too much sparkle or colour as it can get on people and their dresses.

Include the culture

Add a little touch from your culture to the wedding by including some traditional elements. As per your culture, you could go for the traditional wedding dress. If you want to go a little subtle on that, you can opt for traditional decoration or music as per your liking. 

Personalize the menu

The day is all about you; the food should be too. Decide on a personalized menu and add the dishes that are your and your spouse’s favourite. Maybe some food that you have memories with. Like what you ate on your first date. You can even add traditional dishes to the menu to pay homage to your heritage. Serve cocktails that have special meaning to the both of you. Or design your own custom cocktails with the help of the bartender and give them fun, meaningful names.

Get in touch with us now and let us help you with your dream wedding ceremony in Sydney.

Purpose of a Naming Ceremony

A baby naming ceremony is held to celebrate a new baby’s arrival and naming. In Sydney and other areas of Australia, the naming ceremony is often held at around the same time as the baby’s first birthday party.

A naming ceremony is not a legal ceremony and is not usually religious. It is performed by celebrants in Sydney. It is a ceremony of love and gratitude for the new addition to your family and celebrates the miracle of life, birth, love, and cherished.

What Happens at a Naming Ceremony?

Naming ceremonies are usually in the form of a party, with a cake, refreshments, music, decorations, and themes. Sydney celebrants, or celebrants in your local area, perform an official naming service for your baby.The service is usually fun, cute, and creative.

Rituals at Baby Naming Ceremonies

Creative rituals are often performed.Rituals are only limited by your imagination and can include lighting a candle, reciting a poem, telling stories about your baby and their life so far, paintings, great photograph displays, and much more.

Guests may write their wishes for the child on cards for the child to read when they get older.

Your Sydney Celebrants

As your naming ceremony celebrant in Sydney Jan performs a celebratory service where she talks lovingly of your baby’s new life and their coming into the world. Parents can have as much or as little input into the celebrant’s speech as they wish.

Often grandparents are involved in the ceremony, and close friends or family members may be named life guardians at this special occasion.

A naming ceremony is done by naming ceremony celebrants in Sydney, and can often be the same celebrant who married you. As a celebrant, Jan is personable, fun, bubbly and friendly. She has a great sense of humor and delights in performing ceremonies for all occasions.

5 Tips to Choosing a Marriage Celebrant for Planning Your Wedding

Your wedding ceremony is one of the most memorable aspects of your special day.A big part of planning your Sydney wedding involves choosing a Sydney marriage celebrant who you relate well to and who will deliver a service on your wedding day that is to your style, taste, and theme of your wedding. Here are 5 tips for choosing a wedding celebrant in Sydney:

  1. Choose Someone That You Relate to

When choosing a marriage celebrant, choose someone that you relate well to. They should communicate well, have great people skills, and understand the theme of your wedding. This is one of the most personal and emotional days of your life and your celebrant should be able to reflect your personalities and your relationship in the service.

  1. Book Your Celebrant Early

The ceremony is a major part of wedding ceremonies in Sydney and you want to be sure that the celebrant that you choose is available on your chosen wedding date. Book your celebrant early to avoid disappointment!

  1. Ask Your Celebrant What They Are Wearing to Your Wedding

When choosing a Sydney marriage celebrant, ask about their attire!Make sure that it fits in with your colour scheme and the theme of your special day.

  1. Customise Your Service

Your celebrant needs to be able to make the service very uniquely you. Make the vows your own, and speak with your celebrant about what you would like them to say about you and your relationship. With so much to organize, many couples leave the ceremony entirely up to the wedding celebrant. With Ceremonies With Style, you can have as much or as little input as you like.

  1. Have a Written Contract

Having a written contract with your wedding celebrant firms up any details that you are unsure of. It sets out terms and conditions for everyone involved.

For wedding ceremonies in Sydney contact Jan. She will work with you to create a warm and joyful ceremony that will be a major part of your special day.

5 Tips for Planning Your Wedding

There is so much to think about when you are planning your wedding. There are flowers to organize, photographers, the dress, suits, your wedding celebrant, your venue, honeymoon, table decorations and more!  As a Sydney wedding celebrant, I find that organization is the key! Here are 5 wedding planning tips:

  1. Allow Yourself Plenty of Time

Start planning your wedding ceremonies in Sydney early to avoid a last-minute rush. When you book at the last minute your ideal caters, venue, celebrant and honeymoon destination may not be available or may have gone up in price.

By booking early you not only feel more calm and organized, you have more time to think of the smaller details such as guest seating cards, table decorations, chair decorations and the like.

  1. Do Thorough Research

As a wedding celebrant in Sydney, I have performed many wedding services and seen numerous beautiful weddings. The best weddings are thoroughly researched. Spend a lot of time deciding exactly what you want before you book.

At Ceremonies with Style we recommend visiting the wedding venue, sampling the food and wine that you are having at your reception, and meeting with Jan as your wedding celebrant to organize the ceremony in detail.

We recommend that you use the internet to your best advantage when planning your wedding. Research venues on Google using various search terms. Pinterest has some great ideas for flowers, decorations, wedding gowns and much more.

  1. Compare Services

Invitations, cakes, photography, videographer, caterers and wedding celebrants in Sydney offer a variety of different services and pricing options. Compare the services online and via telephone. Visit the vendors who most meet your needs to see their product range in person. We recommend comparing 2-3 vendors for each service.

  1. Book Your Venue Early

Booking your ideal venue well ahead of time will ensure that you have the perfect location for your wedding day. If you leave this vital aspect of your wedding too long, you may not be able to secure it to your chosen date.

  1. Go Through Your Service with Your Wedding Celebrant

As your Sydney wedding celebrant, I suggest you meet with me and go through the service. We need to ensure that we are both on the same page about the style and theme of your wedding ceremony.

For beautiful wedding ceremonies in Sydney contact Jan at Ceremonies with Style. Together we can create your dream wedding day.

Tips to Personalise Your Wedding Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony is perhaps the most important part of your wedding day. Of course, you want to make it ultimately you! As a wedding celebrant in Sydney, I find that there are many ways that you can personalize your ceremony. Here are some tips:

Select Personal and Meaningful Music

Select music for your ceremony that has some meaning to you as a couple. As you walk down the aisle, choose a song that you both love and that has significance. During wedding ceremonies in Sydney and around the world, music is a beautiful aspect of the wedding and ideal for the couple to choose together. Maybe make a playlist of your favorite songs as a couple.

Include a Reading or Performance

Having a family member or long-time friend do a reading or musical performance at your ceremony adds an emotional and personal touch that will make your day special. Choose someone that knows you and your relationship long term. As a Sydney marriage celebrant, I have seen this done in some interesting and fun ways … this makes a ceremony even more unique.

Have Your Guests Become Involved in the Ceremony

Some guest participation makes your ceremony joyful, light-hearted, and fun. Consider getting the guests to sing a romantic song together, or to pass up a keepsake for the bridal couple through the crowd. As a wedding celebrant in Sydney, I have seen many unique ways in which the guests are involved – the possibilities are endless!

Walk Down the Aisle Creatively

Walking down the aisle a little differently will add a special touch to your day. You may wish for both parents to walk you down the aisle, or for a dear friend to escort you. You may wish to dance or do a spin in the middle of the aisle! Or the groom may wish to skip up the aisle and you can skip down the isle together

Have a Unique UnityRitual

A personal unity ritual with your Sydney Marriage celebrant adds a special touch. You may choose to light a candle, say a poem together or even plant a tree.

Wedding ceremonies in Sydney have unlimited options. The above tips will give you some ideas on how to personalize your special day.

Tips for Planning Your Destination Wedding from Australia

Planning an overseas wedding is an exciting start of your new life together. While planning the wedding you get to dream of your exotic wedding location and well-deserved honeymoon!

Planning a destination wedding does have some logistical difficulties!  As an experienced wedding celebrant in Sydney and overseas, here are my tips:

  1. Choose Your Ideal Location

 This is your wedding day and honeymoon, so choose a location that you both love.

      2. Check the Weather

 Check the weather for the time of year that you wish to get married. Ensure that you are not getting married in rainy season or in the midst of summer in a tropical climate. If you are getting married on the beach check the tides

     3.Consider Your Guest’s Needs

 Your guests will probably need to save up to attend your wedding, so give them plenty of notice. Consider if there is child-friendly accommodation nearby, what activities there are for guests and their kids, and whether the location is within their budget.

  1. Organise a Sydney Wedding Celebrant

 Many guests marrying overseas have small wedding ceremonies in Sydney beforehand. This may be just a simple ceremony with witnesses, or you may wish to invite some of the guests that are not attending your overseas wedding.  Having the legal aspect of your wedding performed in Australia saves on paperwork and fees. And you get to have two celebrations!

  1. Have a Wedding Co-ordinator

 As a wedding celebrant in Sydney, I advise you to have a coordinator at your chosen wedding venue. Many of the larger resorts have in-house wedding coordinators that will help you to organize everything as part of your package. A wedding coordinator has local knowledge and will be able to advise on the best people for hair and makeup, flowers, music, photography and more

     6. Wear a Wedding Dress Suited to the Climate

  1. Keep the weather in mind when you are choosing your wedding dress and clothing for your bridal party. If your wedding is outdoors in a tropical climate, wear something light and floaty, rather than something made from a heavier fabric.Contact me at Ceremonies with Style for more information on planning a destination wedding from Australia. I am a friendly wedding celebrant in Sydney who can help to make your day fun, warm and memorable

Guide to Destination Wedding Photography

When you are having a destination wedding there is much more to organize than just the location and venue. It can take dedication, planning, and flair to organize your dream day! As a Sydney celebrant, I find that the photography at your destination wedding is one of the first things to organize.

As a marriage celebrant in Sydney, I have performed beautiful wedding ceremonies throughout New South Wales and Australia and I am able to marry you in the US.

With a little planning and by taking the below tips into consideration, your wedding photography will be stunning whichever destination you choose.

Choose a Photographer Who is a Great Fit for You

Whether you have your wedding ceremony in Sydney or overseas you need to choose a photographer who:

  • You relate well too;
  • Has photography you love;
  • Has great testimonials;
  • Can travel to your wedding destination on your wedding day;
  • Has a price that fits your budget.

Permits and Forms

Ensure that your photographer has the correct permits and forms to be granted access to your wedding ceremony in Sydney or your wedding destination. There are different regulations for different countries. Check with your wedding venue for more information and them venue has indemnity insurance.

The Photographs

Liaise with your photographer to see what is the best time of day for lighting for your photos. Sunrises and sunsets occur at different times of day throughout the world.

Sydney celebrants recommend meeting with your photographer to discuss exactly the effect that you want for your photographs. Black and white shots, backdrops and romantic beach sunset photos can all be scheduled easily ahead of time. On the day there is so much going on … having a plan will ensure that all of the main shoots that are important to you will be taken.

Consider also some shoots for after the wedding if you are staying on for your honeymoon.  Your wedding destination is a place that you will visit perhaps just once in your lifetime.

A little planning can lead to perfect destination wedding photography. Contact Jan Littlejohn, marriage celebrant Sydney, for more information on beautiful weddings.

Planning a Luxury Elopement – Do’s and Don’ts of Inviting Guests to Your Elopement Ceremony

Above all, when planning your elopement wedding ceremony withinSydney, New South Wales or any other areas, remember that it is your day! You have chosen a luxury elopement and will be very happy and excited about your wedding plans, however it can be easy to be sidetracked from your original plan when you organise your guest list!

When planning a luxury elopement that are some Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind concerning guests:

DO keep the list small and invite just 4-8people – keeping your function private. An elopement is designed to be small and intimate. Sometimes it canoffend those who were not invited more if you keep the numbers small.

DO Ask for discretion from your guests – Ensure that your wedding is kept a secret to avoid calls from uninvited friends!

DON’T feel obligated to invite people. You have your own reasons for eloping and for keeping the ceremony small. Invite only those that you wish to invite. Your family and friends will understand. They love you and want to see you happy.

DON’T check with guests for their preferences – elopement is supposed to be everything the couple wants! Always keep in mind that this is your day and your way to suit yourselves. Your guests will be happy to share the day with you and pleased that they were invited to your intimate ceremony.

Of all the marriage ceremonies performed by Sydney celebrants, intimate ceremonies are becoming more and more popular. Organising your elopement ceremony with a friendly and fun celebrant is a terrific start to your new life together.Contact Ceremonies with Style, your Wedding Celebrant Sydney and New South Wales for a chat about how we can together create your perfect day.

Why More and More Couples Prefer an Elopement Ceremony

Elopement Ceremonies in New South Wales, and across Australiahave become widely popular for a variety of reasons. Having a small gathering has the same legal ramifications as a large formal wedding, and the love and commitment that you extend to each other on your day is still just as romantic and memorable.

The Ceremony is Beautiful and Meaningful

An elopement ceremony is performed with the same love, caring, and commitment as any ceremony informal or formal wedding whether there are 4 people or 400. The vows are just as meaningful and memorable, and the length of the ceremony is the same as that ofa ceremony performed at a larger wedding. By law there are words that must be included in your service no matter the size of the celebration

You Have a Smaller and More Intimate Gathering

Perhaps you are a little shy, do not want a fuss, or simply prefer the intimacy of a small gathering, an elopement wedding ceremony can be the preferable option for some couples. Itallows you to express your love publicly in apersonal and special way, with just your closest friends and family present

The Commitment Level is Just as High as ina Traditional Wedding

Whatever the reason,I will organise a memorable service that you will treasure forever. The level of commitment that you make on that day, and the beauty of the service is just as meaningful as that made at a large traditional wedding.

For more information on elopement ceremonies or traditional weddings, contact Ceremonies with Style, your renowned and friendly Marriage Celebrant in Sydney.

Planning to Elope? Important Tips to Consider!

If you have decided to elope on your big day, there is still a little planning to be done!As an experienced and renowned marriage celebrant in Sydney and surrounding areas I have found that couples are sometimes unaware of certain details that need to be organised for their big day. Here are some important tips to consider when you are planning to elope in New South Wales, or any area at all!

Legal Aspects

Legal aspects of a marriage, whether you have a big wedding formal or informal or eloping, are the same. You will need to complete and lodge a Notice of Intended Marriage Form (NIM) at least one month and one day prior to your wedding. This form can actually be lodged up to 18 months in advance of your wedding. You will need to produce identification documents including:

  • Original copy of birth certificate if born in Australia
  • Birth certificate or passportand drivers licence
  • Decree Absolute if either or both parties have previously been divorced or death certificate
  • Documents in a foreign language must be translated into English and a translationcertificate supplied

Booking your Celebrant and Venue

As a non-denominational wedding celebrant Sydney area I will need to be booked in advance to ensure that I am available on your special day. Like-wise, your chosen venue for your special day. If your intimate elopement ceremony is to be held in a public place such as the beach or a Council park there may be permits required from the relevant Council. Allow as much time as possible when booking your celebrant and romantic venue to ensure that they are available on the day that you wish to get married!


Also, it is best to arrange for your accommodation well in advance. If your elopement destination is a tourist hotspot, if you are getting married in the holiday season, rooms may book up quickly. Book in advance to ensure that you have your first choice in accommodation for your wedding night and honeymoon.

So if you are planning on eloping or a small intimate there is still some required planning. Take the above into consideration the venue, legalities, and ceremony will be exactly what you wish for. Contact me at Ceremonies with Style, yourMarriage Celebrant Sydney, for more information.