5 Do’s and Dont’s of Eloping

There has been a recent increase in couple’s deciding to elope rather than having a big public celebration. There are many different reasons for shunning big wedding ceremonies and eloping to tie the knot!

You may love to travel, you may not like a lot of fuss, or you may not want the stress or expense of planning a wedding.

Whatever your reason for choosing to elope, when planning your special day there are some do’s and don’t to consider:

  1. Do Exactly as you would like to do

Enjoy the moment. It passes very quickly. Choose a venue that you love. Wear whatever makes you happy. Your ceremony can be just you two, a wedding celebrant and two witnesses or a small group of friends and family. There are many elopement packages available.

  1. Do Plan a Celebration for When You Get Home

Having a dinner, barbeque or even some drinks and nibbles at home with a select few is a nice idea. It will make your friends and family feel included. Have any photographs / video / slideshows on hand.

  1. Do Book in Advance

In Australia you need to complete a Notice of Intended Marriage Form at least one month and one day before your ceremony. You will also need to book your wedding celebrant and or elopement package with as much notice as possible to ensure that you can book your ideal date.

  1. Don’t Limit the Costs If You Don’t Want To

When you elope you will generally save a bundle compared to the cost of large wedding packages. So if you want to stay in nice accommodation for the night, or spend a little on a honeymoon go ahead! It is your day and it can be as simple or as extravagant as you like.

  1. Don’t feel guilty

This is your day! Remember the reason that you decided to elope in the first place! If friends or family are upset with your decision to elope try to understand that it is usually because they just wanted to share your special day with you.  They will understand.

When you take these tips into consideration “You Will” enjoy your day and have the perfect elopement!

5 Ideas For An Intimate Elopement Ceremony

So, you are thinking about eloping! There are many great venues to choose from, with elopement packages to suit everyone. You may choose to have just two witnesses in attendance, or a small gathering of guests.

Here are 5 ideas for an intimate elopement ceremony:

  1. Beach Weddings

Northern Sydney has some beautiful beaches, as do other parts of Australia. A beach wedding is romantic, beautiful and something to remember.


  1. Escape For Two Wedding Ceremonies

A terrific wedding celebrant and two witnesses are all the people that are required for such a wedding ceremony. There are many simple wedding packages available that cater for small elopement ceremonies.

Anna and Roman 2

  1. The Restaurant Wedding

You may wish to have your elopement ceremony in the grounds of a fancy restaurant. You can then stay to dine, with or without guests! There are usually great photo opportunities at these venues. Another restaurant option is to invite a small number of guests for lunch and dinner and have a surprise wedding ceremony when they arrive!

  1. A Holiday Ceremony

Dreaming of a beach cottage getaway? Or a hinterland retreat? Why not hold your elopement ceremony at your holiday venue? You may have a favourite holiday destination, or perhaps just somewhere that you would really love to travel to. You can have your honeymoon at the same time!

bilgola beach meredith

  1. Sporting Enthusiasts Wedding Ceremonies

If you are both sporting enthusiasts you may want a unique sporting wedding. Perhaps you would like to tie the knot while indoor skydiving, cycling or wearing your team’s colours! If you have guests they could also join in on the theme.

You may choose to elope as part of your holiday, or travel elsewhere afterwards. Some people are happy to keep the whole affair simple and also skip the honeymoon! There are many ideas for wedding Ceremonies when you elope.

5 Fabulous Elopement Destinations Within Australia

You may wish to elope because you do not want the stress of planning a wedding, simply do not like the fuss that can go with big wedding ceremonies, or because you are wanting to spend more of your wedding budget on your honeymoon!

nick and leah

After you have looked at elopement packages and booked your wedding celebrant, there is just the holiday left to organise. Australia has some amazing honeymoon destinations to choose from.

Here are 5 fabulous elopement destinations.

  1. Blue Mountains

This World Heritage listed area contains one million hectares of forests, waterfalls, bush land and canyons. Take romantic walks, enjoy panoramic views, guided tours and dine in style at this top-rated holiday destination.

  1. Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay is an unspoilt natural seaside escape on the New South Wales South Coast. The water is crystal blue and the area hosts resident dolphins, terrific beaches and fun watersports.

  1. Tasmania

Tasmania is a natural wonderland, loaded with history, gardens and a wonderful range of both 5-star and B&B accommodation. Tasmania hosts amazing gourmet food, cheeses, and wines and stunning romantic scenery.

  1. Hunter Valley

Just 160km north of Sydney this is the ultimate romantic escape. The oldest wine region in Australia has an endless list of romantic activities including horse riding, fine dining, gourmet local food and art galleries. There is an abundance of romantic accommodation venues available at the Hunter Valley.

  1. The Whitsunday Islands

Home to Australia’s most beautiful tropical beach, Whitehaven, the Whitsundays offer phenomenal beauty, 74 tropical islands, exceptional dining and some of the world’s best hotels. It is next to the Great Barrier Reef. The stunning and romantic Heart Reef is a must see for honeymooners.


Australia has a host of natural and romantic holiday destinations.

If you have decided to elope there is much less to organise than when choosing traditional wedding packages. All that you then need to do is to look forward to a beautiful ceremony and a romantic elopement destination.

Why a Non-denominational Celebrant Could Be Perfect for Your Non-Traditional Wedding

Clearly, non-traditional weddings differ in a great many ways to traditionally held weddings. However, despite their significant differences, these non-traditional ceremonies still make for deeply sincere and incredibly meaningful events – highly personal weddings filled with loving and cherished memories. These unique events also tend to be easier going, relaxed, and comfortable affairs when compared to their more traditional counterparts. Typically, this also leads them to be even more inclusive because, in essence, these particular ceremonies seek to highlight the important values and ideals that everyone present has in common. While these events are generally non-religious in nature, they are never anti-religious: this makes these kinds of weddings open and accepting of people from all walks of life and across a whole host of various faiths and belief systems. One of the many benefits afforded to couples by a non-traditional wedding is its scope for openness – for laughter and informality, and light heartedness. This is also in addition to the ability for you and your partner to have a ceremony with a more structured and traditional feel – still a very formal ceremony.

A professionally accredited non-denominational celebrant can serve as the perfect addition to you and your partner’s non-traditional wedding: they won’t impose their own style or set of values onto your ceremony, nor will they direct you to include anything in your ceremony. Ultimately, a non-denominational celebrant will serve to help you in making your wedding all about you: but not only will your ceremony centre and focus on you and your partners’ wishes, it will be a wedding made entirely authentic to you. As marriage is an extremely personal and deeply private thing, a qualified wedding celebrant will work closely with you in order to make your very special and unique day all the more memorable.

What Services and Ceremonies Can a Celebrant Perform

Celebrants are able to perform a huge variety of different ceremonies, effectively making sure that your special day goes exactly according to plan – whatever the occasion may be. One of the most popular and common services a professional celebrant offers is in performing a wedding. However, these particular ceremonies can only be performed by a fully qualified marriage celebrant – one authorised by the Attorney-General. Celebrants can either specialise in Marriage ceremonies or Religious Marriage ceremonies in Sydney.

Another set of incredibly popular services an accredited celebrant can offer you relates to naming ceremonies: as a secular alternative to a religious christening, a naming ceremony performed by a celebrant can be held at any time in a location of your choosing. Typically, professional celebrants are more than happy to oversee a naming ceremony at the venue you have chosen on a day and time that suits all parties concerned – matters that are to be negotiated between yourself and your celebrant.

It is, however, important to bear in mind that the vast majority of naming ceremonies are held during the day on Saturdays or Sundays – as such, weekends are generally heavily booked. Yet if being somewhat flexible is a strong possibility – when it comes to scheduling your ceremony – you will ultimately have a much greater chance of successfully being able to book your first choice celebrant.

Sydney based celebrants can also perform funeral services as ceremonies that can take many different forms. Though the funeral director will efficiently help you with organising and arranging the ceremony, you are however free to choose your own celebrant. You can also work with a celebrant in order to plan your own funeral. By confirming your wishes with the celebrant of your choice in advance, you will ensure that your special conditions are carried out.

Unique Ideas for Your Wedding Ceremony to Make It Memorable

There exist a whole host of unique ideas in order to effectively make your wedding a lot more memorable for everyone involved. With the help of these few simple and handy tips – in conjunction with the hard and invaluable work of an experienced wedding celebrant – both you and your partner will be afforded a truly personal and exceptionally special ceremony for one of the most important days of your lives.

Go with good food: the quality of your ceremony’s food can quickly make or break the entire event. Choosing a highly regarded Sydney venue that offers premium quality food, service, and presentation is the best and easiest way to win over your guests.

Move over, DJ: with DJs working at almost every single wedding, having a live band at your ceremony only serves to make it that much more memorable. Live music isn’t only more entertaining and engaging for your guests – it also helps create an electric energy that draws them firmly into the moment and keeps them at your wedding for longer.

Pick a unique venue: the tried and true traditional banquet hall makes for a great place to host a wedding. But if you really want to wow your guests, try holding your ceremony at an art gallery, historic building or Sydney museum. Wineries, resorts, and conservation areas also work wonders!

Get creative: if you’re having a themed wedding, make sure to spare no stylistic expense when it comes to the bar. Putting some additional effort into how your ceremony presents its beverages – be it in sophisticated martini glasses for a black tie event, mason jars for a chic and vintage styled ceremony, or even ice luges for those signature drinks – serves as a sure fire way of making a positive and long lasting impression on your guests.

The Main Elements of a Wedding Ceremony to Consider for Your Special Day

There are a number of main elements that make up a memorable wedding ceremony: with the help of a highly experienced, reputable, and skilled wedding celebrant, you can make sure that all these elements are carefully considered when it comes to your special day.

Be sure to send beautiful invitations: your wedding invitations serve as the primary indicator of exactly what type of ceremony it is that you will be having. An option that effectively reflects your own unique and specific sense of style is a terrific way of telling your guests all about your big day. It’s also an important way of letting both your friends and family know what to expect.

Pick an incredible venue: selecting an ideal venue that can fit your wedding ceremony’s style – as well as accommodate both your guests and all of your plans – is of vital importance. This is irrespective of whether you’re hosting a ceremony right in your hometown of Sydney or tying the knot at an exotic and far away location.

Down the aisle: as all eyes will be on you and your partner on your wedding day – no matter what – it is incredibly important to make a serious statement. Establishing the mood with some wonderful music, choosing unique lighting to assist in setting the tone, and wearing a spectacular wedding dress are but a few simple ways of making sure the entrance of your wedding is made that extra bit special and little bit more memorable.

Hire a professional wedding celebrant: it’s important you feel your chosen wedding celebrant understands you as a couple and can relay your special and meaningful love story to all your wedding guests. Ultimately, you will want someone well spoken, articulate, outgoing, and engaging – all these attributes will help capture your guests’ attention.

Finding the Perfect Marriage Celebrant for Your Perfect Day

The importance of finding the perfect marriage celebrant for your perfect day in Sydney simply cannot be understated: a professionally accredited wedding celebrant can make a world of difference when it comes to making sure your wedding ceremony happens just as you and your partner had always envisaged.

They are, in essence, dedicated to their clients’ own dreams, desiring to provide you with an incredibly special ceremony that offers a lifetime’s worth of loving and cherished memories. An experienced marriage celebrant is solely focused on working closely with couples from all walks of life in order to give them a highly personalised and individually crafted wedding – a ceremony which is just as unique as the couples and relationships themselves, in reflecting the strong emotions of love and commitment that surrounds this very special day.

In finding a professional celebrant for your wedding in Sydney, you and your partner will effectively be finding someone entirely committed to overseeing the event – a trained expert who will work with you in order to prepare, rehearse and officiate at a truly beautiful and memorable ceremony. Your wedding ceremony should be one of the most memorable days of your life: a wedding celebrant will ensure that the entire event runs smoothly and as stress free as possible – in accordance with your culture and traditions while steadfastly respecting your own personal wishes and unique values.

A trusted and skilled marriage celebrant recognises that your perfect day consists of much more than the existence of love between two people; the close involvement of both family and friends; perfect make-up and beautiful attire; a lovely venue and a sunny day. It also needs a perfectly written and beautifully delivered ceremony to acknowledge and celebrate what a wedding means to the couple, as well as your family and friends.